Lip Fillers by Anchor Beauty Center

Glamorous lips are at the top of everyone’s wish list. Maybe you weren’t born with the perfect lips, or perhaps the signs of aging have deflated your once-pillowy lips. Fortunately, dermal fillers can help. Dermal fillers can smooth, define, and enhance elements of your face and body. They provide volume, plus they stimulate the production of collagen. Dermal filler is very popular for lips. Find out how you can get full-appearance, beautiful lips without invasive surgery.

Why Choose Lip Filler?
Simply put, lip fillers look gorgeous. Dermal fillers for lips use highly advanced formulas based with hyaluronic acid (HA), which boosts your body’s natural collagen and elastin response in your lips. This causes your lips to become full and plump. Best of all, your results look natural. You don’t have to worry about scars or fake-looking implants. And injections only take a few minutes, and you can return to most of your daily activities.

What Does Lip Filler Feel Like?
Lip filler is virtually pain-free. There is no surgery, no stitches, and no downtime. You may feel a little tenderness at the injection site, but this goes away on its own without further treatment.

When Will I See Lip Filler Results?
You will see amazing results with lip fillers immediately after treatment. You experience full results in just a couple of weeks after your body has had the chance to draw collagen, elastin, and moisture to your lips. Then, you can experience stunning lips for years before you need to return for another treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Filler?
If you’re unhappy with the thin or unbalanced appearance of your lips or simply want more volume added and have realistic expectations about treatment outcomes, you’re most likely an excellent candidate for lip fillers. The best way to know which kind of lip filler is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with your specialist.

Say goodbye to thin, lackluster lips and hello to the luscious, full lips you deserve. We also offer anti-aging treatments and acne treatments that can significantly enhance the appearance and health of your skin. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!